Folkelarm 2018

☰ Meny

Faela (SE)

Faela consists of musicians from Argentina, Bosnia, Chile and Sweden and has over a short period of time gained a lot of attention for their music. “Faela demonstrates the genuine joy of playing music with an interwoven musical interaction and humorous, sing-along songs”, says one of the many fine reviews in Sweden.

The group was established in 2007 under the name Hugo som helst. The music is described as a flirt with absorbing Balkan-and Latino rhythms including elements of jazz, reggae and disco. Faela is widely known for their ability to speed up their audiences, and has gradually attracted listeners in different European countries.

-We want our concerts to become a party, says Hugo Coromel, who writes the band’s songs. Certainly we might be expecting a bash when this seven-strong band enters the stage at Folkelarm.

Hugo Coronel – vocals, guitar
Ayla Adams - vocal
Michael Mino – vocal, bass
Erik Rask – drums
Mika Forsling – guitar
Göran Abelli – trombone
Edin Bahtijaragic – accordion