Folkelarm is held annually in Oslo since 2005. The 20th edition of Folkelarm will be held November 13th-17th 2024.

Folkelarm consists of two parts: a festival and a conference. The conference part is a meeting place for the Nordic and international folk music industries. A series of lectures, seminars and debates are held during the day. The festival concerts take place at night and are open to the public. Their main focus is to present artists that are on the verge of success, either in their homelands or internationally.

Folkelarm – the sound of Nordic folk – is owned and produced by the Norwegian Folk Music Organization, FolkOrg, in cooperation with Riksscenen – The National Stage For Folk Music, Dance And Joik.

The Norwegian Folk Music Award, Folkelarmprisen, also takes place every year at Folkelarm. Folkelarmprisen is an annual music award presented to Norwegian folk musicians, honoring musicians from the previous year. Five categories are currently awarded, in addition to Folk Musician of the year and Folk music festival/venue of the year. 

Folkelarm was initiated by the Norwegian National Association for Folk Music and Dance i 2005 to provide a venue for displaying Norwegian and Nordic folk music. 

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Photo: Kajsa Balto 
Photographer: Anders Lillebo