Folkelarm was initiated by the Norwegian National Association for Folk Music and Dance i 2005 to provide a venue for displaying Norwegian and Nordic folk music. Folkelarm is a showcase festival where our main purpose is to showcase musicians, dansers and artists from the Nordic countries and to be a hub where musicians, artists, concert promoters, agents, organizers and record labels can connect.

Folkelarm is the largest get-together of the international folk- and world music community in Scandinavia. Artists from Norway and the Nordic countries get to showcase in front of a large audience eager to discover new music. The concert program is a mix of the most intriguing newcomers in Norway and the Nordic region, and established and well known artists. The Norwegian Folk Music Award, Folkelarmprisen, also takes place every year at Folkelarm. Folkelarmprisen is an annual music award presented to Norwegian folk musicians, honoring musicians from the previous year. Five categories are currently awarded, in addition to Folk Musician of the year and Folk music festival/venue of the year. 


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Photo: Odde og Holmen
Photographer: Johannes Selvaag