What is Folkelarm?
Folkelarm is the Nordic region's largest trade fair for folk music and dance. The main goal of Folkelarm is to market Nordic folk music artists for Norwegian, Nordic and international delegates, which will lead to folk musicians and dancers getting to show off on several stages nationally and internationally.

Folkelarm offers the showcaseartist:

  • A main showcase where you, as an artist, get to present your project to the international music industry, but also to a regular concert audience at Riksscenen.
  • Seminar, workshop and event during the day where you both get relevant professional training and can build your network.
  • Several mingle events/network gatherings where you can meet festivals, bookers, agents, record companies etc. from the international music industry.
  • Opportunity to play an acoustic set in Lavvoen outside Riksscenen, and/or play for dancing.

Conditions for fee, travel and accommodation

Folkelarm follows Creo's recommended minimum rates for remuneration, in 2024. NOK 5,220 per person. Only one fee is paid out per artist, regardless of the number of assignments. Upper ceiling for fees per band/group is 6 x Creo's minimum rate.
Fees for technical personnel and equipment beyond what Riksscenen provides, the artists must cover themselves. This also applies to travel, accommodation and diet. Folkelarm covers accommodation on the date the artists have their showcase and diet for that day. We have a good agreement with Anker hotel, so if you are going to book an extra hotel night, you can use our agreement. 
The artists can apply for travel support from Folkelarm. As a general rule, we cover 50% of the travel costs, max NOK. 5000 per artist/band

Conditions for showcase artists:

  • Artist must be available for assignments November 14th - 17th , and not have assignments in Oslo two weeks before and two weeks after without an agreement with Folkelarm.
  • The contact person must appear at a contract meeting (preferably digital) in April with Folkelarm after you have received an offer for a showcase.
  • At least one person from the group should attend a digital seminar in September/October where, among other things, we will focus on how to prepare for the showcase.
  • The artist should be present as much as possible during Folkelarm. It is expected that at least one representative from the artist or possibly an agent for the artist will be present throughout Folkelarm.
  • The artist's contact person is responsible for keeping Folkelarm and remaining band members up to date on all information before, during and after Folkelarm.
  • The artist sends a joint bill for fees and travel.

Here are some tips for your application. 
Describe the band, members, instrumentation, and your concept clearly. What is your goal showcasing at Folkelarm and tell us  why this project should play at Folkelarm. What opportunities will a showcase at Folkelarm give you? What do you wish for this project? Have you played any previous concerts? Do you have plans, or a desire and goal to play at spesific festivals, or a goal for your band/project?   

This will strengthen the application, but is absolutely not necessary:  
Material/ pictures from previous concerts 
Dates//material for upcoming concerts. 
Live videos on YouTube.  

To be bookable we suggest that you have:  
A website where you present your project in English.  
A website with EPK (Electronic Press Kit) / Press material, videos and photos 
A website with contact info about booking, promo, agents etc.  
Technical raider 

Please note that Folkelarm focuses on Nordic folk music, we only accept applications from artists who live in the Nordic countries.  

Jury for Folkelarm
There are a jury of 3 people who choose who will play at Folkelarm. The project manager is not part of the jury.  

The application deadline for Folkelarm is March 15th! 
You can read the terms and conditions for showcase at Folkelarm here (PDF-file)

If you have any questions, please feel free to us: 

Director for Folkelarm 
Ann Helen Erichsen 
+ 47 95 77 32 00