Lassi Logrén is a Finnish jouhikko player. He has been involved in the Finnish folk music scene since the 90’s, performing in 30 countries and working on more than 50 albums as a musician, arranger and composer. He graduated from the Sibelius Academy as a Master of Music (Folk music) on 2002. His main bands are Värttinä and Freija. Lassi also co-wrote the music for The Lord Of The Rings musical. The show was played at Princess of Wales Theatre in Toronto  and The Theatre Royal in London.

He is now focusing on the jouhikko music and players in the 17th century in Scandinavia. He´s also making new jouhikko music based on/influenced by the old Skandinavian and Estonian jouhikko traditions. This year he´s a student at NMH, studying Hardanger fiddle traditions and how to play in that tradition on the jouhikko. Jouhikko/Tagelharpa/Hiiukannel/Talharpa/Bowed Lyre/Strykelyre, this instrument has many names and was widely spread in ancient times. Before the fiddle arrived to Norway, there were also bowed lyres in use here. At the Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim there´s a more than 800 year old stone carving where a man is playing a bowed lyre.

Lassi will perfrom original material from his upcoming jouhikko solo album, so don´t miss this exclusive concert in the lavvo. 



Photo: Isa Holmgren